There will be Bloodshed

So, the other day I wrote about gun control.  And speak of the devil, Obama is working on one final push against guns.  What part of “…shall not be infringed.” do you not understand?!?!

Look, If you ban guns, there will be bloodshed.  That’s not necessarily a threat, but it’s true!  SO many people will fight back.  You can’t take an American’s freedom!  We’ll go crazy if you mess with the Constitution;  It’s not a bag of trail mix, you can’t take out what you don’t like.

You know how Hitler took control of so many countries?  He BANNED GUNS.  Look how many people died.  If the Jews had guns, Hitler wouldn’t have stood a chance.  Is that why you hate guns, Obama?  “No, we just want Americans to be safe.”  Yea, that’s what Hitler said.  “It’s for your own good!” Bull.  If you want to lower crime, loosen up on gun laws!  That sounds dumb, but look.  Let’s say that a guy tries to rob a bank, but someone in that bank has a legal concealed carry.  That robber would get a bullet in between the eyes before he even took any money!

So, More Guns=Less Crime.



Why feminism is no longer Necessary

Feminism in America is no longer necessary.  Women have all the rights as men do!  We’re all equal now!

Look, sexism and racism are things that are awful, but we can’t get rid of.  People will always have offensive opinions, but that’s on them.  I’m not sexist and I’m not racist, but America’s feminists need to STOP COMPLAINING.  There are women in the middle east who will be EXECUTED  if they show their ANKLES.  That is where feminism is necessary.  NOT here.

Okay, lets address the wage gap.  IT DOESN’T EXIST.  Georgetown University economist Anthony Carnevale discovered that women tend to lean toward lower paying majors, such as drama and theater arts and counseling psychology.  On top of that, there are women who leave the workforce for a period of time to raise their children.

Also, I believe that men and women have creative roles in the family.  It is the mans job to be prophet, priest, King, and warrior.  Men are supposed to provide for their families, pray for their families, and protect their families.  Women are supposed to support and pray for their husband.  That is what the bible says.


3 years ago…

Three years ago today a massive tragedy occurred.   A crazed man shot up Sandy Hook Elementary.  And ever since, people have made one of the biggest push for gun bans in the history of the U.S.  Guys, banning guns won’t solve anything.  People will always kill, no matter how they do it.

It’s true, most murderers use firearms, but keeping them out of the hands of citizens won’t help. Murderers will still use other weapons(knives, blunt objects, etc.). You banned drugs, look how that turned out.  People will find ways to get their hands on guns no matter what.  The black market, illegal smuggling, 3D PRINTERS.  No matter what BS laws you pass, people will always have firearms.

I am not saying Sandy Hook was not a tragedy.  I am on the verge of tears writing this.  But banning guns is not the answer; protecting our schools is.  I can say this from the perspective of an 8th grade student: I don’t feel safe.  you know what would make me feel safe?  Police officers.  Armed teachers.  And when I say armed teachers, I’m not saying give every employee an AR.  I’m saying one trained teacher on every hall with an AR-15 who knows how to use it to protect his/her hall.

So, Sandy Hook families, my thoughts and prayers are with you today.  God bless you, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

“TransParent” Rant

What.  The.  Crap.

Excuse that, but honestly.  There is a movie coming out called TransParent that is about a family whose father is transgender.

In my opinion, homosexuality is wrong, but I won’t judge.  But when it comes to transgender people, here is my philosophy: Whether you like it or not, you are male or female.  You can’t change that (without cutting stuff off).  Gender is something you CAN NOT CHANGE.  PERIOD.  You can look like the opposite sex, want to be the opposite sex, etc., but you can’t permanently change that.  You just can’t!!!


Hello World

Hello world.  My name is Matt, I am 14, and I talk about stuff.    Here is what you can expect from this blog.

First off, I’m a libertarian,  a Christian, and a Philosopher.  If I could boil down my beliefs to it’s simplest form, it would be do whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting others, their property, or disobeying the laws of God.

This blog will be very opinionated, so please, don’t get offended.  I will talk a lot about current hot topics, such as gun control, abortion, homosexuality, religion, etc.