There will be Bloodshed

So, the other day I wrote about gun control.  And speak of the devil, Obama is working on one final push against guns.  What part of “…shall not be infringed.” do you not understand?!?!

Look, If you ban guns, there will be bloodshed.  That’s not necessarily a threat, but it’s true!  SO many people will fight back.  You can’t take an American’s freedom!  We’ll go crazy if you mess with the Constitution;  It’s not a bag of trail mix, you can’t take out what you don’t like.

You know how Hitler took control of so many countries?  He BANNED GUNS.  Look how many people died.  If the Jews had guns, Hitler wouldn’t have stood a chance.  Is that why you hate guns, Obama?  “No, we just want Americans to be safe.”  Yea, that’s what Hitler said.  “It’s for your own good!” Bull.  If you want to lower crime, loosen up on gun laws!  That sounds dumb, but look.  Let’s say that a guy tries to rob a bank, but someone in that bank has a legal concealed carry.  That robber would get a bullet in between the eyes before he even took any money!

So, More Guns=Less Crime.



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