3 years ago…

Three years ago today a massive tragedy occurred.   A crazed man shot up Sandy Hook Elementary.  And ever since, people have made one of the biggest push for gun bans in the history of the U.S.  Guys, banning guns won’t solve anything.  People will always kill, no matter how they do it.

It’s true, most murderers use firearms, but keeping them out of the hands of citizens won’t help. Murderers will still use other weapons(knives, blunt objects, etc.). You banned drugs, look how that turned out.  People will find ways to get their hands on guns no matter what.  The black market, illegal smuggling, 3D PRINTERS.  No matter what BS laws you pass, people will always have firearms.

I am not saying Sandy Hook was not a tragedy.  I am on the verge of tears writing this.  But banning guns is not the answer; protecting our schools is.  I can say this from the perspective of an 8th grade student: I don’t feel safe.  you know what would make me feel safe?  Police officers.  Armed teachers.  And when I say armed teachers, I’m not saying give every employee an AR.  I’m saying one trained teacher on every hall with an AR-15 who knows how to use it to protect his/her hall.

So, Sandy Hook families, my thoughts and prayers are with you today.  God bless you, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.


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